To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

April, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 09)
Young People Love Chiropractic

Here's one of many reasons why: Younger people (ages 10-24) who are experiencing spine pain improve significantly with chiropractic care, suggests research that noted improvements (pain relief) in all four spinal regions.

Limber Up for Health

Exploring the Science of Stretching

Plug Into the Power of Green

Don't Forget Your Daily Veggies

Move It or Lose It

Physical Inactivity Leads to Chronic Pain

A Major Pain in the Neck

What You Can Do About Whiplash

The Lasting Impact of Sugar

One of the problems with consuming too much sugar is its long-lasting health impact, particularly for adolescents. In fact, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages may lead to memory problems as adults.

Could Your Teen's Depression Be Caused by Poor Sleep?

The link between poor sleep and depressive symptoms isn't exclusive to adults. It's also a potential cause in teens ... and adolescents and children, suggests research.

Take Back the Power

Who are the people most susceptible to marketing by fast-food chains and similar companies? People with weight issues. However, there's good news: losing weight makes you less vulnerable to their marketing efforts.

Caffeine: Bad for Baby

Caffeine - even in small amounts - during pregnancy may put an expectant mother's child at risk.

Eat Out Less, Live Longer

If you haven't been eating out lately due to the pandemic, you may end up living longer. Here's why.