To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

June, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 13)
Chronic Pain Damages Your Brain

Chronic pain is front and center these days now that the opioid crisis – the wrong way to manage pain – has been exposed. The reason for this increased emphasis isn't just because opioids have been proven often unnecessary and frequently dangerous, if not deadly, for treating pain; it's also because pain, particularly chronic pain, can be just as dangerous / deadly if not addressed.

Start Them Off Right

How to Help Your Kids Adopt Healthy Habits for Life

Back Health

Self-Care for Back Pain: Exercises to Help the Healing Process

Health Matters

Infections: Could Your Hospital Be Doing More to Prevent Them?

Making Sure Cancer Can't Win

Prevent Prostate Cancer? The Power of Melatonin

9 Ways You Can Make Better Food Choices

People like to blame refined-food companies for our bad health, but no one is forcing you to eat refined calories and support industries that subsequently benefit. This is a voluntary choice made by the majority of Americans. Simply put, we need to make better choices. Here's a list of things you can do.

Why Breastfeeding Could Save Your Life

Breastfeeding may be one of the healthiest things a mom can do, with health benefits gained by both mother and child. While the benefits to baby include reduced risk of infection and SIDS, research continues to support benefits for the mother that even include protection against certain forms of cancer.

Sleep Routines: Their Grades Depend on It

When kids go off to college, you can only hope the sleep routines you taught them survive late-night study sessions, dorm-room parties and other activities. But even if college students manage to get enough sleep, their grades may still take a hit if their sleep patterns are irregular, suggests research.

Injury Prevention Made Easy

Check out a few of the recommended injury-prevention exercises from FIFA ("FIFA 11+") that apply to all athletes, not just soccer players.

The Pain That's Worse With Weight

For women enduring the symptoms of menopause, obesity can make those distressing, debilitating symptoms even worse.