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February, 2022 (Vol. 16, Issue 03)
A Better Life With Chiropractic

Why take your kids to the chiropractor? For the same reasons every adult should visit one on a regular basis. According to research, kids' quality of life improves with chiropractic.

Whiplash Worries

Prevention & Treatment … Including Chiropractic

A Weighty Issue

Why We Are Overweight and What We Can Do About It

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Stress Doesn't Have to Get the Best of You

Maximize Your REM Sleep

How to Choose the Right Pillow and Mattress

Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain

Your heart and your brain are perhaps your two most important organs in terms of, well, living. Fortunately, there's great news: keeping one healthy appears to keep the other healthy, too!

Eat to Sleep: Do's & Don'ts

Let's take a look at some of the most important eating do's and don'ts that can determine whether you get a good night's sleep ... or just the opposite. Three eating habits clearly stand out.

Can Exercise Reverse Aging?

New research provides intriguing food for thought that exercise can indeed reverse aging, at least our "epigenetic age"; and exercising when we're young isn't the only way to do it.

The Science of Slow Eating

Avoiding choking could be the primary rational behind the parental mandate for children to "chew your food"; but it also makes a big difference for people of all ages when it comes to weight.

Where's the Fruit & Veggies?

It's on the recommended foods list of every major organization devoted to health. But where is it in the American diet? A recent CDC report will frighten – and hopefully inspire – you.

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